Saturday, December 13

Had a long week at work and was determined to get in a Saturday ride. Looked to the mountain but the clouds were piling up and getting darker. Looked to the coast and the clouds were lighter; it was determined coastal run.

Took Del Dios to Lomas Santa Fe and just played around on some of the curves in that area before popping out in Solana Beach. The roads were wet, but no rain yet.

Decided to follow the coast down toward Torrey Pines while looking east for any clearing, but it was still dark with more clouds rolling in from the west.

The coast was still dry and I could see the darkness over the mountains so gave up on them and headed further south.

Ended up in Chula Vista and it had been a while since I've ridden that far south, so I just stayed on course following the beach passing the ports of call and navy bases.

About this time I said screw it, I'm going to play in the mountains! Took Telegraph to the 125 with the intention of taking the 8 out to Sunrise. However, within 10 minutes of being on the 54 it turned into a downpour, so I turned tail and ran west to dryer areas and headed home.

I guess I'll have to wait for next weekend for the mountain ride.

Tuesday, November 11

45 Holes of Golf in 9 Hours

So for the past six months or so I have been playing golf on Saturdays with one of my roommates. It's a great setup: sleep in, call in a late tee time, play eighteen holes, go to bar, drink, drink some more, go home, sleep. 

Last Saturday another roommate joined us in our Saturday golf and this caused a bit of a problem. When I play with roommate #1 he beats me everytime because I suck at golf. There's something about a golf swing and many years of hockey that cause a major issue between my arms and brain. I'm good enough that I don't slow anyone down and we actually have a good time. However, roommate #1 and roommate #2 are about equal, or roommate #2 is slightly better when it comes to golf. 

So roommate #2 had an early tee time, by early I mean 9:30 AM, and we played the round pretty fast. Roommate #1 beat roommate #2 by one stroke and the competition was fierce on the back nine. This lead to a quick lunch break and another round of golf. In the second round roommate #2 beat roommate #1 by two strokes. Well by this time it was getting dark and I was done because as I mentioned I suck compared to the other two and there comes a time when playing something that you're mediocre at gets boring and I was completely ready for part two of Saturday golf; drinking. Alas, the drinking had to wait because we managed to get a tee time to play the back nine of another course and break the tie. Roommate #1 slaughtered us and it soon turned dark enough that there was no way to find another course to play on. 

So that is how I ended up playing 45 holes of golf in one day. 

End of story...I even bored myself with this one, but I've typed it all out and don't feel like deleting it. Oh well. 

Thursday, November 6


Sucks; enough said.

All right in all seriousness running really isn't that bad except for the fact that it really, really sucks.

Are people born runners? Do people train and become runners? I mean seriously we're bipeds and when was the last time anyone saw a biped mammal run on two limbs in the wild?

Ok, so maybe we're all born runners and like me, most of us spend our lives training to become non-runners. I'm really trying to convince my mind and soul that running isn't bad and it's only been a week, so maybe there's hope.

I've been taking Frankie running with me at night and we've been doing all right. I have no cardio, so my body is never sore and wants to go more, but even a slow run is enough to make my lungs and clogged arteries want to explode. I hope that building more distance and simply continuing to run will overcome these factors and I can start to put my muscles to the test.

So if anyone has running tips and actually reads this please feel free to throw out ideas. Until then I'm determined to keep running one sad step at a time...or two if I feel like skipping, or maybe not.

Monday, November 3


Daylight savings is owning me right now, and I don't feel like I've saved any daylight. Maybe tomorrow I'll find that light that I'm saving.

Went for a long walk tonight with Frankie and all I can say is thank you to the creator of the gentle leader harness. I'll link to it when I'm near a computer. It saves my arm and makes slow walking enjoyable. For running I use a standard harness, but walking or around a lot of people the Gentle Leader keeps her pulling in check.

Anyhow I'm off to bed before I get blackberry thumb.

Sunday, November 2

Home Updates

Today has been such a great day. The weather has cooled down and even rained a little bit and it's starting to feel like Fall. The house is also coming together. We finished putting in the door and floor moulding yesterday and today we moved everything back into the rooms. For a week there we had three roommates worth of room furniture and crap in the middle of the family room. Now that everything is out of the family room we'll get some couches out of storage tomorrow and finish that room. It'll be nice to have a communal room again where everyone can can hang out an relax.

I purchased a new bed frame and nightstand yesterday as well. Now that those are build I feel much happier with how my room is laid out. I haven't had a TV in my room for a while and I think that I'm going to go without one for now. Maybe in the future I'll put a nice flat screen in, but my old TV took up more room than it was worth. I also put my desk in storage and am going to try to live with just my laptops. I leave my work laptop at work for most of the week, so I'll have to get my personal one back from the parents house. Although I still feel like I'm living in a closet I do enjoy the extra space that I have by giving up the desk and TV.

I also ran all of my speaker cable through the attic so the installation looks a lot cleaner than having speaker wires running all over the place. I don't think that I could do without the stereo system, but I did give up the huge CD changer and CD burner. I have the receiver set up so that I can plug my laptop in via USB and listen to any music through the room speakers. Pandora is much better enjoyed through stereo than through the laptop speakers.

We should have out full kitchen and dining room tomorrow once the fifth roommate tears out the temporary wall in the dining room that was his room. It'll make that area look huge and I'm looking forward to having another room to relax in. I don't really miss the dining room, but it'll be so nice to have it back. Also, if the weather stays cool the fireplace is in the dining room and it'll be used for the first time in many years.

Ah, it's so nice to have the inside of the house almost done!

Friday, October 31

October Resolutions

I know most people make their resolutions around January 1st and give them up by January 8th, but I'm going to break that trend for me. That's right, I'm making October 31st resolutions and I'm going to try to make it past November 7th before I break them.

First, the reasons for resolution #1:
On November 1st my house will be down to four roommates instead of five. This may not seem like a big thing, but there are lots of intricate details that involve the fifth roommate living here and they have caused me some stress for the last year and a half. Come tomorrow almost all of that stress will be gone and I'll be a happy, happy person....all right as happy as I can be at least.

On November 1st my house will have new wood floors in the living room, family room, hallway, and three bedrooms. The kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and master bath won't be touched because the tile in these rooms is not bad.

On November 1st, the vast majority of inside walls in the house will have fresh paint on them. They will also have new molding around the doors and baseboards on the walls.

I guess I will call the above the house rejuvenating updates that will lead to the first resolution:

Resolution #1: The house WILL stay clean. Before we tore it apart to put the flooring in we, all the roommates except the one that will no longer be with us, were doing good with keeping up on assigned chores. The house looked great and people commented on the fact that our house was not filthy and stinky. So resolution #1 should be simple. We keep doing what we were doing, and we have a nicer house.

Now the reasons for resolution #2:
I'm lazy, out of shape, and my BMI is pretty pathetic. By now I figure everyone knows where I'm going with this because it's the number one most promised resolution and number one most broken resolution. So rather than list more reasons and excuses as to why I'm fat, lazy, out of shape.... I'll list my plan on correcting said issues.

Resolution #2: I will get in shape.

Notice that I didn't say that I'd lose weight. That's because for my height and build I'm not really at a bad weight. I'm currently at 185 lbs which is about 20 lbs heavier than I'd like to be, but not far from what I was during my prime in hockey. The problem is my stomach makes up 120 lbs, my face 20 lbs, and the rest of my body 45 lbs. So the goal is to redistribute some of this mass around. So here's the long awaited list:

#1. This isn't really an action plan as much as it is a goal that will drive the remainder of the list. I want to run a 1/2 marathon, move to a full marathon, and then joing a tri team. I've always played contact sports and never gave much thought to endurance sports, so I want to do something new. I can run anywhere, I can bike anywhere, and I convientely have a huge ocean within a half hours driving distance. I figure it's the perfect activity; I just need to convince my body and mind of this.

#2. In order to redistribute some of my mass I've been eating better. Therefore I'm going to step it up and go as far as to say I will eat healthy. I really don't like fast food, but I love the convenience of it. I need to break the habit of going through drive throughs and switch to making my own food. It's easy, but I'm this will take some super duper mental strenght on my part. I'll likely fail for the most part, but if I can start to build a routine then I'll just keep building on that one block at a time; baby steps to a better me.

#3. I'll put my $24.99 a month, that I've thrown away for the last two years, to good use. When I worked for a large corporation I benifited from a reasonably affordable get fit plan. Now that there's a gym within running distance of my house I will use that plan.

Well that's really it for resolution #2. It's the KISS plan for me, Keep it Simple Stupid. I have the wonderful ability to drop weight like no one's business when I actually try. So I'm going to try. Eat somewhat healthy, excersise more often, and keep a goal. This should be a cake....err salad walk for me.

Oh ya, that's also it for my resolutions. There are a million and one things that I would like to change, but I'm going to start with two. Clean the damn house and run like Forest Gump. Also, for those who are thinking I'm nuts right now.... I really am. How can my roommates and I possibly keep this house clean? ;)

Till the next time.

Friday, July 18

What a Beach of a Weekend

Last weekend was the annual trip for the company. We went to Newport Beach and spent the weekend wandering around the beach, eating great food, and drinking. It was the perfect mind numbing, do nothing weekend that I needed. Most of my co-workers opted to go kayaking at 7:30 am on Saturday; I stayed in bed with the air conditioning blasting until 9:00 am and then went to the beach. Each night our boss took us to a nice restaurant and it makes me truly thankful to work for a small company that has such great people working for it. I remember other companies that I worked for, ok other company, where company dinners were stiff and everyone had to force a smile until dinner was over and the individual groups could separate from the masses and hang out. With the current company everyone truly enjoys spending time with each other and it makes for a great, and more productive in my opinion, work environment.

Thursday, July 10

Well it's another day gone by and I still refuse to believe that it's already July. We've had one heck of a summer so far hitting numerous temperature records and most of the state from Ventura to the Oregon border is on fire. I really feel bad for everyone affected by the numerous fires, it was this time last October that Southern California was on fire and we were evacuating.

Back at the end of May I spent a week in Utah and had the most amazing time. My friend Amy and I took our dogs, her two huskies and my Heinz 57 Frankie, to Granite Flats campground and went hiking, exploring, caving, train riding, and just relaxing. Her and her family took me in and provided their home, shower, food, everything and made the trip that much better. I can't wait to get back out there because Utah ranks right up there as one of my favorite state that I've been too; there's endless hiking, skiing, snowboarding, biking, just about everything outdoors. I also fell in love with a little dog out there named Romeo. I think of him daily, two months later, and am so split between trying to adopt him or just keep my fingers crossed that he finds the perfect home. I don't feel that I have enough time for Frankie and Riley right now let a lone adding another dog, so I'm not sure that it would be fair to him. Check him out at and if you love Aussies you'll love him.

After Utah I came back home to record temperatures, again, and plowed through all of my work that I had neglected while on vacation. In mid June I headed off to Mammoth with a few of my close friends, sans dogs this time, and camped at Upper Soda Springs near Devil's Postpile. I grew up camping, hiking, fishing, skiing Mammoth and I love being there. One day I'll retire there and pass the time wandering the endless wilderness and catching trout with my dogs. We only spend four days total, but got in lots of fishing and hiking.

The group that went to Mammoth is already talking about next year's trip; it'll be the fourth in a row for most of the group and the sixth or something for two of them. Next year the plan is to really backpack the trails and it looks like we'll be heading out of Yosemite and hiking to Upper Soda springs in Mammoth and then taking buses back out to the cars. The hike appears on map to be approximately thirty miles, so we'll probably aim for three ten mile hiking days and then a couple days at camp in Mammoth. I can't wait, but need to get off my fat rear and start training now if I plan to lug a thirty pound pack around.

Other than that I've been working, golfing, working on the house, and sleeping. I've lost touch with the most of the world this last month, but should will be more active in keeping communication with everyone. I just need to find a way to allocate my time better.

Till the next post..

Tuesday, June 3

30 pack of Coors Lite - $21.99
24 pack of red cups - $4.99
12 pack ping pong balls - $6.99
A night of beer pong with old friends - priceless!

Wednesday, November 28

I'm back

I almost forgot that I had a blog, but no one reads it, so is that such a bad thing? I guess not! Anyhow, I've been reading more blogs recently and feel the need to at least post something new on my blog in case someone stumbles across it and expects to be reading an active blog.

I actually have some important things happening in my life, so it's almost interesting!

First, a couple of weeks ago I turned in a letter of resignation to my current employer. It's a strange thing to think that I've worked at the same place for nine years and as of this Friday I will no longer be employed there. I have some very mixed feelings on the entire thing. I really like the people that I work with on a regular basis. Sure, it's a big company so I have people that I don't get along with too well, or don't care to know them better, but overall I'm going to miss a lot of people there. I'm not leaving because I'm unhappy, I'm leaving because something is telling me that it is time for a change.

I'm excited to start with the new company. I was referred to the new company by a colleague that felt that I would be a good fit with their team, and after meeting the folks there I couldn't agree more. Normally I hate change, but the vibe that I get from the new company is purely positive. I'll be learning new programs and tasks, but at the same time relying heavily on my current knowledge of systems and retail environments to help them start a new branch. I'm really looking forward to launching the new sub-company and I have faith that we'll do great; failure is not an option here. The best part of the new position? I'll be reducing my commute from 60 miles a day down to about 8 miles a day. The savings in gas and time are immeasurable.

In the realm of not so exciting I have some bad information to share about Frankie. She had a lump that grew quite rapidly on her back left knee, so I took her in to have it removed and biopsied. Everyone was hoping that it would be a fatty mass, but it turns out to be a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor. The good news is that it is relatively small and low grade which means that it's potential to metastasize is low. However, this type of cancer has a very high occurrence rate and the first procedure was done under the impression that it wasn't cancerous, so the margins may not have been wide nor deep enough. We've been back to the vets a few times for check ups, to have the stitches removed, and to consult with the doctors and I think the general consensus right now is to see if the tumor returns. They wanted to cut deeper and wider margins immediately because they're not sure if they removed all of the infected tissue. However, if it does return they'll have to cut again anyhow, so I don't see the point of cutting twice and possibly have to cut a third time too. If it comes back it should come back in the same spot and I'll notice it while it is relatively small, so I think waiting is the best option. In the worst case scenario we'll be talking about radiation treatment and going to specialist, but with a lot of luck and finger crossing we won't have to worry about that.

Anyhoot, I do believe I've yapped enough, so good night!

Wednesday, June 13

Hey blogworld, oh where has the time gone? It's funny that when I post here it seems that no one ever visits, but when I stop posting my site meter detects visitors. So in an attempt to chase everyone away I will once again post!

I've had a great couple of months since I last posted and have so much to share, that I might even post once a week. In mid-May I packed up my truck, loaded Frankie in the back, and went out to Utah for a week. I met some friends and their dogs out there and proceeded to have the most enjoyable week so far this year.

Here's a picture from up in the Wasatch Mountain Range:

I'll post about the trip in future posts. I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Feel free to leave a comment; I hear that the comments box doesn't bite anymore. :)

Saturday, April 7

Biking Mule Trail

There’s a really cool trail system that makes up the San Dieguito River Park in San Diego. This trail system is also referred as the “Crest to Coast trail” and is approximately fifty-five miles running through San Diego from inland North County to Del Mar.

Today I rode the Mule Hill portion of this trail. I called my dad early this morning to see if he wanted to go riding and he agreed, so we met around 10am and loaded the bikes into my truck. Once on the trail he realized that his front derailleur wasn’t working and causing him to be stuck on the small ring. This trail is relatively flat for the first five miles and there was no way to pedal that far turning the cranks that fast for that long. We turned around and headed back to the truck and dropped his bike off at the local bike shop. I still wanted to go riding because I’ve felt like a lazy potato the past couple of weeks and because I wanted to blow off some steam, so I dropped him off and headed back out to the trail.

Overall it was easy going and there were a number of people enjoying the cool weather and nice day. Most everyone was respectful of each other and moved off to the side to make for some easy passing. However, I ran into a couple of walkers making their way side by side in a spot where the trail was only large enough for two people. I slowed down and waited for them to shift to single file but it never happened. As we approached each other they finally squeezed into each other and gave enough of a gap for me to pass and I thought all was well until I noticed that a horse happened to have taken the same exact line earlier in the day and left a gift for me. With no room to maneuver due to the walkers I went right through the droppings and muttered the obvious four letter word.

The rest of the trail seemed to breeze by and I decided to take a break and catch my breath before the single track climb that makes up the last three quarters of the trail. As I grabbed my water bottle I was surprised at how muddy it had gotten on a relatively dry trail. It wasn’t until I was wiping the top off that I realized my early cussing and proceeded to exclaim the early word again, but this time with a little more heart.

After dealing with the crappy situation I made it as far up the trail that my legs would take me and turned around to head back. The return trip seemed to fly by and I figure that total mileage was right around twelve miles. Not too bad for not doing anything physical the last couple of weeks.

I think that work will return to normal next week and hopefully I’ll get a few more posts in. I hope everyone has a great Easter!

Saturday, February 24

Terrible Night

So Fridays are always busy nights at my house. I make sure to put Frankie in my room because I know at some point in time the front door will be left open. Frankie has a very one track mind when it comes to open doors: If open sneak through, check to make sure no one noticed, and then run like crazy. She has done this since she was about 8 weeks old.

So tonight was a little worse because one of the roommates is in a band and he was playing a show tonight, so everyone was over and celebrated more than normal. I gave everyone the lecture about leaving doors open and that no one should touch my door at all, and everyone should check the front door behind them.

My roommate is in a band and was playing a local venue tonight. Everyone that was at the show come over and we had a great post-show party. Knowing that we were going to party heavily, I gave everyone the lecture about leaving doors open and that no one should touch my door at all.

So guess who didn't close my door all the way AND held the front door open while talking? Me. Frankie did her ninja sneak, got out of arm range, and ran. I took off after her while everyone in the house cleared formed search groups with the DDs in cars and the rest on foot or bikes. I lost sight of her while getting more people to help and never did catch up to her again. I was able to call another roommate and let him know where she normally tries to drag me to on our walks and asked him to check that area out with a flashlight. Luckily he was able to corner her near that location and eventually caught her by the collar.

So everyone has calmed down, Frankie is in her crate as happy as can be, and I have ice on my knee from aggravating an old injury. All in all a terrible night.

Wednesday, February 21

Frankie is Legal!

So I’ve had Frankie back for a while now and I just never bothered to get her licensed under my new address. So yesterday we went to the local pet superstore and got her rabies shot and an application for a dog license. Today I swung by the humane society and turned everything in and received a three year license for the Frankenstein monster. What’s interesting is that I work a block away from the central San Diego humane society and animal control, but I can’t get her license there. No, because I live in a different part of the county I have to go to a specific humane society up there to get a city specific license; waste of time in my opinion because a license is a license is a license.

Anyhoot, I took the entire day off Tuesday because of car related issues, but I ended up with some free time and took Frankie up to the local trails. I guess this was her last illegal hike. It was kind of muddy because of the rain we’ve been having this week and we both had a blast playing on the boulders in a vain attempt to avoid the mud. All in all it’s been a pretty successful week so far. We’re supposed to get more rain tomorrow and Friday, so we’ll see what the weekend brings. I really want to get some more hiking miles and find some new trails.

Tuesday, February 20

Good News!

Well, I spoke to the engine shop that built the engine and he has agreed to take it in and fix it. After looking at the broken bolts, lifters, and rocker arms it became apparent that the rocker arms were not big enough for the retaining bolts. The lifters pushed on the rockers and they had no where to go, so they snapped off sideways and led to major failure.

I'm stoked that he's taking it personally and going to do everything possible to make it right. It sounds like the car has been bumped to number one priority and he should have it turned around in a few days. Good news!

Here she is on the way to the doctors, err mechanic.

Sunday, February 18

Mmmm.. more whisky please

I spent a small fortune, to me at least, in getting the finest parts and having a top not engine builder put together a perfect small block ford for my '68 Mercury. So after about a month of installing the engine and finishing up the final details I decided that today would be the day to make some noise. I did a final check of all the wiring, connections, and fluids. Made sure the rebuilt tranny was seated and adjusted propery. Made sure to find the compression stroke for the #1 piston and check the timing marks. Everything was ready to fire and fire she did! Man that engine sounded strong and ran strong.... for a little under a minute. It's amazing what months of work and anticipation can do to a man. I had a huge grin as I watched the oil pressue, tach, and other vital gauges. My dad and neighbor were getting the timing gun ready and adjusting the distributor as needed. Then at right around 55 seconds of run time there was a mysterious clank. In the time that it took me to cut the ignition there were enough bangs and clangs to turn my grin into a look of shear terror. We tore the valve covers off and were greeted with a destroyed valve train. For the most part it doesn't look that bad and we check for coil bind, not apparent; valve cover clearance, looks fine; retainer plates too tight, might be it. It really shows all the classic signs of coil bind, but we turned it over by hand and it doesn't look like it bound up. I'm not even going to get the feeler gauge out to check it because tomorrow I call the engine builder and see what he'll do. The parts that went kaboom were put together by him and the failure had nothing to do with our installation of the engine. I'm really curious to see what he'll find. I'm not so sure that there wasn't something tightened too much for a new engine and it caused a binding issue that tore the rock bolts in half. I guess time will tell, but I put all of my saving into this engine and have no way to fix it if he doesn't prove to be honest.

So if you managed to read the entire paragraph above then you might understand the title. I just downed 6 Jack-in-the-Box tacos, bought myself a new handle of Seagram's 7, and a case of sprite. Seagram's to the rim, splash of sprite, and repeat. I'll be in fine form for work tomorrow.

Sunday, January 21

Been a while

I think I'm a blogging failure. I can't even manage to post once a month, but I think I'll give it a shot again. The new inspiration? The fact that I've been hiking weekly with Frankie and just enjoying the outdoors. So I figure that I can manage to post at least one a week with our adventures. Yesterday we went to Daley Ranch, our favorite hiking spot.

We hiked just over 8 miles and went up to Stanley Peak, down to the ranch house, and then up to the top of boulder loops. We took the boulder ridge single track and played around on the boulders for a while. Frankie did great, bu mt the 6' leash wasn't enough to really climb much. To her credit I didn't have to pull her up at any time, and I even struggled with some of my footing spots, so I guess she did better than me.

Here's me on the way down from the peak:

The goal is still to lose weight, so although I hate pictures of myself this is inspiration to lose weight.

Friday, October 13

Daley Ranch

Went to Daley Ranch again today. It's such a fun place to take Frankie hiking because there's over 20 miles of trail to explore so I can choose any combination to make the hike as easy or hard as I want. We did a moderate hike today with some minor elevation changes and about 5 miles total. The weather was acting like it might try to rain, so I decided to head out early rather than have a stinky wet dog in the cab of my truck.

Wednesday, October 11

It's my birthday!

A quarter of a century. Now this seems like a lot to me, and it makes me feel old. However, I can't get sympathy from anyone because it turns out that twenty five doesn't seem old to anyone else. For the most part it's not "old", but older for me and that makes me feel old. Oh well, that's it for the pity party.

Been out and about a lot this week, and I need to upload all the pictures. Here's the rundown:

Saturday - Hiking at Daley Ranch with Frankie. 5.7 miles total.
Sunday - Coronado Speed Festival. Lots of walking and grand stands.
Monday - Only day of work this week! Walking with Frankie. 3.5 miles.
Tuesday - Slept in and hiked south Lake Hodges with my dad. 3.0 miles.
Wednesday - Slept in and hiked north Lake Hodges with my dad. 6.5 miles.

So in the last five days, including today, I walked/hiked at least 18.7 miles. I think that is more than I've walked in the last five years combined, so I actually feel good. I've also discovered that I do like photography, but I need to find an easy way to carry a camera with me on these outings. I have some good pictures from Saturday and Sunday, but I'm disappointed with the camera that I'm using; It's my parents old digital and I really don't like it a lot. I'm use to using film, and the digital thing is kind of new to me, so I'll just have to get use to it. With my birthday money from last year, yes I never spent my gift last year, and the money from this year I think I'll buy myself a camera, but I'll have to dig into my own shallow pockets for the camera that I want. I'm split between the Canon S3 and a Sony H2, so if anyone has thoughts on either of these feel free to let me know.

Anyhow, that's it for this random post. Off to dinner and then party or something like that.

Sunday, August 20


Blogging is more difficult than I thought. I have a ton of respect for people who can update their blogs on a regular basis, let alone daily. Between my commute, long days in the office, and taking care of things at home, I find that I end up on the couch in front of the T.V. completely passed out.

So to catch up:

Why am I sleeping on the couch? First, because I'm too lazy to move to my room. Second, because Frankie has taken over the bed.

This brings up the question of whom, or what is Frankie? Frankie is a dog from my not-so-distant past. She was rescued when she was about 8 weeks old and was a huge part of my life until she was about 2. From there she was a victim of relationships coming to an end and because my ex cared for her more than anything, she got to keep her. Flash forward another 3 years to now. My ex-girlfriend and her husband are relocating and are stuck getting an apartment. Frankie is the epitome of a dog that can not live in an apartment because she has so much energy and needs room, lots of room.

So what does this have to do with a blog of someone who is a recovering couch potato? Will take a look at the previous post; I was toying with the idea of finding a companion to keep Riley busy and for me to take adventuring. Well, Frankie suits the bill perfectly and it’s almost fateful that I ended up with her again. She is as out of shape as I am because she has been stuck in between homes for the last few months and was not eating at all. She’s gained a good amount of muscle and weight back over the last few weeks. So far we have been walking around the block daily; currently we do a casual 2 mile stroll every other day or so.

Anyhow, it’s been a very busy month. I’ve been covering for a couple of people in my department basically since the end of September. That’s a lot of people when there’s only four in the department. However I have managed to stay busy. Been on a few hikes, kayaked, and spent a good amount of time on the stand-up jet ski. The downside has been my eating habit. I really, really have to break the fast food eating. I’d also like to take the bike out and start riding again.

That’s it for this months update and hopefully I’ll be at this a bit more regularly.

Friday, June 30

The Partner in Crime

I’ve always had a dog in my family, so when I found myself without a canine companion, I did what any sane person would do: I went to the local humane society. All of my past dogs have been rescues, so the humane society was nothing new to me.

As I walked through the buildings I happened to glance over at this little red ball of fuzz sitting contently in her condo, yes the San Diego Humane Society has rooms larger than what I live in for each of the occupants, watching the world go by. This was her first act as a criminal; this little dog completely stole my attention from every other dog there. However, there was one slight problem: a hold sign. I wandered aimlessly feeling bad for all of the dogs and cats that didn’t have homes, wondering just what kind of person has such little care for these living creatures that they would dump them off like garbage through the metal night drops attached to the building. My thought induced coma was interrupted by a nice staff member asking if I needed help, and without thinking I asked her about “Rio” the little red dog in suite 8. The lady smiled and said that she was available and that her sister had been adopted that morning, but because of the hold sign, which was meant for her sister, no one had inquired about Rio. It only took a few minutes to fill out the proper forms and prove to the society that I was capable of owning a dog.

As soon as we got home I changed her name to Riley because she was always riled up and a constant blur of red fur and flapping ears. I soon found out that Riley wasn’t as crazy as she appears, but rather she had a lot of pent up energy. I must say, she is the best dog that I have ever owned in terms of doing anything to make her humans happy. She lives for verbal praise and to put a smile on someone’s face, and her antics in doing so always succeed in getting a smile. I’m still amazed daily out how happy-go-lucky she is, and just what an amazing dog she has become.

I guess that with all good things there has to be something bad to counteract the good. In Riley’s case it is the fact that the vet discovered that she has pretty sever canine hip dysplasia. The condition was caught too late for the puppy surgery and much to early for the adult surgery, so we have learned to live with it and she doesn’t seem any worse for wear. The biggest disappointment is that she can not go on long walks, any running, and most sadly she can not go backpacking/hiking when the time comes. The stress of too much movement causes her to limp and it just isn’t fair to put her in a situation that will cause pain. We go on mild walks and play fetch in the yard to make sure that she gets her exercise and to keep her weight close to ideal, but it is still something that I find sad and kind of disappointing. I was looking forward to a running and camping companion, but instead she gets to join me in all of the couch potato activities and long days at work.

I know that in the future I will find a canine friend for her, she has loved every dog that she’s met, and a companion to go running, biking, hiking with me. Until that time comes, and who knows when it will be, I enjoy each day that I get to laugh at Riley and her crazy couch potato lifestyle.

Wednesday, June 28

The first post of who I am.
(alcohol may have influenced this post)

Well it’s a first post. For me this is kind of like the start of a conversation and as with the start of a conversation I really don’t know where to start. I guess an introduction is due, so here it goes: My name is Craig and I’m a recovering couch potato. Recently I’ve been looking at where I am in life and for some strange reason the words “use to” keep coming to mind. I use to be physically fit, I use to be active in sports, I use to be very happy, I use to be pain free, and I use to be confident. I guess for those who don’t know me, should be everyone, I can break these down.

I use to be physically fit = I use to be at a decent weight and be able to perform activities without constantly feeling strained or unable to complete the task. Now I’m not completely lost, but I know that I’m not where I should be. I’m not happy about the beer belly and I’m not happy that when I try to exercise I feel unfit.

I use to be active in sports = I use to play hockey. I played hockey, mostly roller, for a very long time and use to be pretty good too. Now the hockey team has split up and I’ve been too lazy to find a new team or go play pick-up games.

I use to be very happy = I use to enjoy every day for what it brought. I use to look toward the future and make the best of everything. Lately I’ve been a recluse; I’ve looked back on past days, months, years, and not been happy. I’ve actually been disappointed with what the days have become, and now I don’t look forward, but rather backwards to when times were good. Don’t get me wrong, I still have good days and I know that the day is as good, or bad, as I make it, but it’s been hard to maintain a positive attitude sometimes.

I use to be pain free = I never used knee surgery as an excuse. Lately when I try to do something active I always seem to blame my knees on my inability to follow through with an exercise plan. I have bad knees and I know it, but it’s never held me back before. In recent history I have used this as an excuse to be lazy. The more I let myself go, the harder it will be to condition my knees and strengthen my body. This “I use to” is almost my most hated because I hate that I use this as an excuse. I know people that have it way worse than I do and they do not let it get them down.

I use to be confident = I use to know who I was and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. I use to be good at whatever I set my mind to because I knew I could do it. I use to be able to think my way through anything; to convince my body that I could succeed. Nowadays I hide in a shell of my former self and convince myself that I am not as good as I once was, to let myself be kept down because I know I’m no better. This is crap; one giant, annoying mind game that I need to snap out of. This one is all in my head and I need to turn it around, and I know the only way to turn it around is to break the “I use to’s” and to make the best of what I have. This blog is all about regaining my confidence in who I am, and to hold myself accountable to be that person.

Hrmm… I guess I made my first blog the same way that I talk to strangers at a party. I hide in a corner not sure what to say and then I go to the bar and come back to share my entire life story. So for those few people who might actually read this, my name is Craig and I’m going to enjoy this adventure that I call my blog. I hope that you, the reader, enjoy this blog as much as I will.

The picture is of my partner in crime and myself; there will be more on her later.